16 December 2017

App-Based Field Force Tracking of your staff – 5 Key Parameters you Can’t Miss!

App-Based Field Force Tracking of your staff – 5 Key Parameters you Can’t Miss!

Field-Force Tracking is a useful productivity tool that helps decision makers and managers record updates on a regular basis concerning the performance and KPIs of Sales Executives. At times, owing to the presence of large workforce, which goes out in the field for multiple tasks, it is not feasible to capture the field force real-time location.

Let’s consider a case where you visit a shopping mall to purchase some stuff. Just before you enter the parking lot, there is a notice board saying, ‘You are Under CCTV Surveillance”. Obviously, this notice is more than enough at multiple instances to ward off miscreants. Also, you make sure to park your vehicle under the visible range of a camera, just to stop worrying about your vehicle and focus on the shopping task instead.

In a similar fashion, when a person knows he is being seen or is under surveillance, his behavior changes accordingly, here he turns a little cautious. This is the exact spot where real-time tracking fits in. Your field force, no matter what be its operational area, would be directly under your jurisdiction to make sure your business grows exponentially.

Here are a few reasons why market leaders prefer Real-Time Field Force tracking solutions over Conventional Field Force Management solutions.

1. Minimized Costs
App-Based Field Force Tracking of your staff - Minimized Costs

Your sales team is the foundation of revenue generation. However, Decision Makers would incline with the fact that Companies invest a lot in order to maintain the field force assets, be it availing new equipments, or offering multiple allowances. Hence, if those resources are not used judiciously, at a later stage, it limits the financial growth of a Company. At times, owing to an unfavorable condition, overspending can lead to the bankruptcy, which yet again, is never a beneficial approach for decision makers.

TrackOx real-time tracking solution is a web-based management dashboard with android-based mobile app for field force agents. The manager not only tracks the route and finds the real-time location of the field-force agent, but rather, he can stay in constant communication with the team through the dedicated TrackOx app.

2. Authentic Data Collection
App-Based Field Force Tracking of your staff - Authentic Data Collection

With conventional field force tracking solutions, the current location and route can be tracked, but the actual scenario over the workplace can only be shared over the phone. In such case, the data shared may be manipulated or yet again, false, owing to the field executive trying to cover up his mistakes.

Obviously, decision makers don’t have the time frame to track individual employees. Also, they can’t go door-to- door, to each customer and ask for his feedback, and obviously it is not an option if your enterprise spans across multiple geographical areas.

Where does Real Time tracking fit in anyways? With TrackOx real-time field force tracking, the manager can remain in constant touch with the field employees where the real time data would be shared with them spontaneously.

3. Easy Decision-Making
App-Based Field Force Tracking of your staff - Easy Decision-Making

Unless you offer something exclusive, better say-if you run a monopoly, it is beyond doubt that competitors exist for the business you run. Hence, it is beyond a necessity to innovate constantly by optimizing the business model from time to time.

Field-force tracking from TrackOx, in opposition to GPS-based tracking, offers authentic information, e on a single dashboard. Also, it is beyond doubt that decisions based on accurate customer data help minimize the stakes of failure of a concept or a new step, undertaken to enhance the productivity of the organization as a whole.

4. Robust Third-Party Integration
App-Based Field Force Tracking of your staff - Robust Third-Party Integration

The best part of leveraging a field force solution lies in the fact that one can share the real time data with third party software, as and when required. Additionally, they offer easy plug-n- play with your existing CRM, better say-Field Force Solutions that Integrate with CRM are the best-in- class approach to enhance your business’s productivity.

Similarly, if your sales lead converts, all the related data is sent in real-time to third party accounts where the sequence of customer retention is activated. Such advancements in the segment of field force tracking help drive multiple marketers to invest into field force real-time management solutions.

5. Daily Sales Report (DSR) Automation
App-Based Field Force Tracking of your staff - Daily Sales Report (DSR) Automation

One of the primary things that demotivates field employees is paperwork, and with manual report creation, it turns a nightmare for them to execute tasks robustly. In fact, real-time DSR creation can be automated easily with the help of field force automation tools, where the admin or the manager can monitor them at any particular instance. This report is also a testimonial of the performance of the individual employees, where one can infer if the resources and salesforce are working efficiently and contributing to the growth of your business as a whole.

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