06 January 2017

Automated Field Force Management-A Productivity Booster For Your Business


Technology is readily becoming an integral part of every business sphere. Field force management is no exception to it, where the segment focuses majorly on its field managers and technology, in order for the business to grow at the pace it should. These field managers are responsible for implementation of strategies at grass root level whereas the technology provides a robust solution reducing any shortcomings and maximising the efforts to enhance productivity.

Ideal field force management thus requires the right blend of technology and flexibility. The technology is necessary to implement actions in the most effective way, focus on flexibility enables the field managers to tweak the best industry practices according to their business requirements.

Product knowledge

Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort. — Paul J. Meyer

The steep competition in the market forces these businesses to implement various practices in order to leverage the most and increase their productivity. These practices can be summarized as per the following pointers -

Product knowledge

Provide Adequate Product Knowledge- The field managers represent the business in front of the customers. They should be provided with complete product knowledge in order to perform tasks in the most effective way. These field managers need to be equipped to answer any and all queries of the customers related to the product/service and its usage or application. In addition, they also need to be aware of the technology and its proper usage.

Training your Field Force- Ideally, a business tries to recruit a person with all the necessary skills required to perform the job. However, a company should not eliminate the necessity for training. Training allows the managers to build on their skills continuously. It helps them to implement their industry knowledge and technical expertise in the company setting.

Master technology

Master the Technology - It is necessary to facilitate the company with the necessary technology, hence enabling the companies to be in contact with their workforce while they are actually working on field. This enables streamlining of activities in the company and helps in regulating the business and brings order to what is usually a very chaotic way of working.

Reward performance

Reward performance - Field force management technology makes work transparent and easy to track. Hence, the next thing to do is provide appraisal and reward performance on the basis of these performance analysis. These platforms have the required ability to provide data related to performance based on various metrics. These metrics make rewarding performance easier and more efficient.

Proper Coordination - Coordination between the field force management platform and the actual workforce is crucial-the former cannot function without the latter and vice-versa. Technology and the workforce need to work in integration with each other. The metrics and data provided by the platform is of no use till the field force implements it in the correct manner.

Conclusively,a field force management company’s biggest issue isn’t just the management of their field force-it is majorly to find the right platform to implement all these practices. It is necessary to find the right software retailer to partner for the platform in order to implement these data-related processes. Management of field force will never be easier, but enabling the digital platform will deliver your business, the competitive edge in this era.