5 February 2018

Field Force & Service Management: Trends to Monitor in the 21st Century

Have you ever wondered about the time when robots will become a regular thing like a TV in your room, or the time when your order will magically appear in front of you just after seconds of clicking the orange “Buy Now!!” button? You must think that I am taking you to an imaginary world, but I’m not. If you would have asked humans 100 years ago, whether it was possible to create a screen that shows you, people who are not actually present there, you wouldn't have believed them. But voila!! We have a TV now. Who knows what all can happen in another hundred years?

Field force future

We cannot time travel and identify the trends in the next hundred years, but we can look at the futuristic trends in the present and in that sense make some predictions about the future. Upcoming trends like virtual reality, CGI, Real-time tracking, drones etc. will impact field force management and how it looks in the future. If the current trends impacted how field force would look like in future, after hundred years we will see the following trends.

3D Photos of Product Images Using Virtual Reality
3D product images

Just examining products using images won’t be enough. With the help of advancements, people will get a complete look at the product they are buying before buying it. This product display will probably be impacted by virtual reality. Consumers will know what they are buying, will be able to foresee how it will actually look in their hands and hence make the necessary decision after all this.

Ability to Communicate Through Thought Transmission
Thought transmission

Thought transmission will be just as easy as other forms of brain augmentation. Picking up thoughts and transmitting them to another brain will be as easy as storing things on the internet. Hence, insights into your consumer preferences and understanding their viewpoint towards your product will become easy.

Our Brains will be Wired to Computers to Make Work Faster
Machine augmentation

Managers will have complete insight into the working of their field force as transmitting information from a human brain to a computer will become easier. This will mean, in the future field force will not have to access a field force solution everywhere. Their brains will directly transfer all data to the solution, making the lives of managers way easier.

Delivery of Products with the Help of Flying Drones
Flying drones

A hundred years from now travelling on the road will become a thing of the past. People will start using flying objects as a medium of transportation. With this, delivery of objects will be done with the help of drones. There will be minimal or no human interaction required when delivering products.

Since the inception of on-demand economy field force management has not stopped growing or changing. All of this is not a whim but is what awaits us in future, it, therefore, becomes necessary to keep a track of the trends arising in your industry. A company cannot be sure of what trends will arise in future, but if you work in an ever-changing industry it becomes necessary to keep innovating. In short, it’s high time to evolve the way your field force operates and is being managed, to make sure, that your operations are complementary to the growth of your ROI.