22 January 2018

Real Time Updates - Transforming The Way You Manage Fleet and Field Force

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Have you ever booked a cab only to realise that your driver is nowhere near? After a prolonged span of waiting, you finally call your driver, only to discover he is either nowhere near your location or has no interest in the pickup.

Any industry in the field force business majorly focuses on customer satisfaction as a measure of it's success. For a delivery company or a ride hailing company like Uber, one major pain point for the customers is the delay faced. This delay is generally caused due to lack of adequate information, and leads to customer dissatisfaction.

Common Issues Faced by Businesses

Understanding the root cause of the problem has, since a very long time been one of the main focus of field force managers. After consideration and customer addressal, it was found that customer discontent majorly arises due to delays in deliveries or tasks. This issue arises due to the following problems-

  • Manual assignment of tasks leading to wastage of efforts.
  • Customers unable to track their order or know the real-time location
  • Unfamiliarity of the field force with the exact location.
  • Inefficiency in the service provided.

In order to solve all these problems and to optimize the field force efforts, it became evident that real-time data was necessary. Real-time data, along with the benefits it offers, provides an additional benefit of transparency. It reduces the chances of putting blame on someone else. The benefits offered by the adoption of real time data are vast, these are explained with the example of a service offered by a company, Uber, for example.

Use of Real- Time Data by Uber
  • Uber, like many on-demand companies, has implemented real-time updates into it’s app’s usage. It uses the same to keep the customers and the drivers informed at all times. The feature starts working long before any ride starts. It works with the different stages of the process as follows -

  • Lack of Skilled Labour
  • Once a user sets his location and the destination, he can view the approximate time of arrival for his Uber. This being one of the major benefit of this feature, allows the users to get information about their Uber. At the same time, the driver receives a notification instantly informing him about his ride. Here, the exact path followed by the driver to reach the location of the user can be tracked.

  • On reaching the location, the driver starts the ride. The user gets to know about the arrival of the driver a few minutes before the driver reaches. This allows him to get ready for the pickup, reducing the wait time for the driver.

  • Lack of Skilled Labour
  • As soon as the driver starts the ride, the app starts showing the journey. This also uses real time data. During the entire journey, both user and driver can view the path taken. They can also see the remaining journey and the remaining time to reach the destination.

  • Lack of Skilled Labour
  • On reaching the destination, the user and the driver rate each other.

  • Lack of Skilled Labour