18 January 2017

Select the Right Field Force Automation Tool for Your Business

 Field force automation

If your whole life depended on a decision that you had to take in the next five minutes, will you make sure that you take the best decision of your life? Feel pressured? Choosing the right field force management tool will feel the same way, it’s that crucial for the continued life of your business.

What’s so monumental about choosing the field force automation tool? This can be understood with a simple example. Imagine, you are a part of a football game, you have the last few minutes remaining of the game and the opposing team just scored a goal, you are in a tie now. The final moments of this game are all that matter, it is what decides the fate of your team. It doesn’t matter who scored the first goal, what matters is who makes the last one and which team overtakes the other during this last stretch.

Similarly, the last stretch of the sale journey is the delivery stage. This stage is what will make or break your business. No matter how good you have performed in the entire process, how your field force interacts with your customer and how well they complete the sale process will impact your company’s impression in the eyes of the users. Even if you have done everything right in the process, if you falter here, the enterprise will have to take back a sullen face and loose on the customer experience.

Field Force Automation
selecting right platform

Field force automation software relates to a platform that stores all sales and operation-related data in real time and collects this information in one place to form meaningful insights. This data is transmitted to their mobile interface which can be accessed by the field workers in real time to carry their work efficiently.

The main thing to understand here is the type of platform required by the enterprise, while some tools work mainly on automation of job assignment and focus on customer service others focus on storing data and providing insights to the enterprise. There are also some tools that combine both these. The requirement of the company will be the prerequisite in deciding which type of platform to choose.

Deciding the Field Force Automation Tool
 Field force automation

One of the initial steps involved in deciding what tool to choose, will be the analysis of the requirement of the enterprise. While there are multiple options available to the enterprise, they must carefully shortlist the ones fulfilling their company-specific requirements.

For this, companies will have to do thorough research to figure out the sales related data required by them and find the platforms fulfilling these. The following tips need to be kept in mind in order to select the field force automation tool required by your enterprise -

Pricing - price to be paid for acquiring or developing the platform is one of the main concerns for any enterprise. While some are willing to pay the bucks required to build their own platform with specific data points others are looking for a cost-effective option.

Easy usage - Sometimes companies spend all this money to add a high-tech tool only to realise that their field force workers are not able to fully understand it's functionality.

Offline Access - Connectivity can be a big issue when working in areas with average wifi. What’s important here is the offline access of the mobile platform in order to perform tasks smoothly.

Insights Offered by the Tool - Intelligent insights is one of the most important focuses of any company. What is the use of a platform that stores all this data but doesn't offer you any insight.

Personalization - Adding personal touch required for fulfilling the company related requirements is another important aspect. A simple consistent tool won't be able to fulfill the requirements of various users. Hence a company must use a tool that is able to adjust to the specific requirements of the company.

Having the right platform translates to reduced focus on technical aspects, which will give the managers time to shift their focus on more important tasks.

As they say, in the game of field force; ‘The last mile is the longest mile’. Manage your field force tool in time, and focus on the customer satisfaction for the rest of your time.