Trackox comes with a range of great features that deliver complete peace of mind. At it’s core is cutting edge tracking technology. Intelligent features to enable the use of tracking in real word scenarios.


Real-time Tracking & Monitoring

Manage your field force or fleet or assets at real-time and remotely on a map with seamless connectivity and accurate tracking.

Easy Workflow Management

Custom Tailor your workflow to create and assign jobs. You can create templates of your choice and need.

Complete Analytics

How long are your executives/drivers on the road, how far are they driving,and how long does a task take to complete? Our analytics provide measureable statistics to analyze workflow.

Route Optimization

With our route optimization function just enter the tasks for the day and get the tasks with the most efficient route and nearby executives/drivers.

For Field Force

  • Plan and optimize your customer rounds to save time
  • Record every detail of the job.
  • Take and share photos and notes during your visits
  • Reduce or even eliminate off-hours reporting

For Managers

  • Track your field sales reps and see when they check-in at each location on app itself.
  • Collect timesheet information and also time stamping on each activity.
  • Receive accurate records of their visits, locations, and more.
  • Validate their movements with GPS and get photo reports and visit notes.
  • Real time reports with analytics.

Discover what TrackOx can do for your business


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