Trackox automates the food delivery process real time.


Trackox automates the food delivery process real time.We can integrate the existing systems with the TrackOx platform to streamline your business operations

How it works?

Customers can order food directly from your website/App. Trackox platform will automate the delivery process once the food is ordered.

Dashboard will manage the orders till the delivery happens and it will have the access to cancel, re-assign the delivery. The task will be assigned to the delivery agent based on the location (Geo Fence / Pincode)

Customer will be receiving automated SMS for agent tracking, so they can track the delivery agent status once the order is prepared.

Routes can be optimised by picking the shortest routes by managing the multiple orders with efficiency.

Once the food is delivered, customer will receive the SMS with the Feedback link. Customers will have the access to write reviews about the food and the service.


Delivery time, ratings and reviews of delivery agents will be generated in the consolidated report.

The artificial intelligent system will notify you the performance based score cards. The frequently listed bad performers will be black listed based on the customer ratings.

For Field Force

  • Plan and optimize your customer rounds to save time
  • Record every detail of the job.
  • Take and share photos and notes during your visits
  • Reduce or even eliminate off-hours reporting

For Managers

  • Track your field sales reps and see when they check-in at each location on app itself.
  • Collect timesheet information and also time stamping on each activity.
  • Receive accurate records of their visits, locations, and more.
  • Validate their movements with GPS and get photo reports and visit notes.
  • Real time reports with analytics.

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